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Apple Cherry Juice

Strong, full-bodied and original. The natural acidity of choice sour cherries, balanced by the fine and fruity sweetness of naturally cloudy apple juice make this domestic direct juice a precious delight.

Informations complémentaires
When producing this natural juice composition, we exclusively use ingredients from German cultivation partners. The cherries, for example, are supplied by our long-term partner Rolker, who have - deeply convinced of ecological farming methods - been growing organic food for more than two decades. In ecological growing of stone fruit and soft fruit, the natural balances inherent in functioning ecosystems are preserved and utilized. For the Rolker family, this is consistent and sustainable - and it suits Voelkel perfectly.
Ingrédients: apple juice** 70 %, cherry juice** 30%
Contenu 0,7 l
Production / traitement: Pasteurised product

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