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Organic Juice Factory

Responsibility for Humankind and Nature


From the dream of a free life in the countryside and with the help of a mobile juice press in the 1920s Voelkel was born, which is today the largest organic juice factory in Germany. For our organic and Demeter juices we process fruit and vegetables ranging from locally grown produce to tropical fruits. We value regionally cultivated crops and believe in future-oriented fair agriculture. We are committed to non-hybrid varieties and the preservation of biodiversity and meadow orchards. This is our family tradition as well as our own personal commitment to quality along with a belief in the common good.

Our Product Range

Wherever you look across our large and varied range of products you’ll find that we never lose sight of making only the highest quality products for you. All the raw materials we use come only from organic and biodynamic cultivation so that we can achieve rich, full and vibrant natural flavours that we hope make mother nature proud of our efforts. All of that goes into every sip you enjoy.
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Cultivation & Processing

Naturally good juices need healthy soils, plants, animals and farms, clean water and a broad biodiversity. We recognised this more than 80 years ago. We act in accordance with these principles today and we want to shape the future in the same way.
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Company & Foundation

What we think is that being socio-ecological means acting economically, thinking socially, promoting organic farming and truly valuing all the people that play their part in the production chain. If you’d like to know more about how we think and how we go about things you can look here.
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One key objective of our company is to develop the organic concept further. That is why Voelkel closely cooperates with various organisations and institutions which attach the same importance to the careful and responsible use of natural resources as we do.
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Cultivation & Processing

The different quality classifications for our organic juices

The raw materials processed by us and our cultivation partners are divided into different categories. The tested and verified quality of the ingredients of our juices and juice variations is shown on each and every label and packaging.

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The Variety of our Products