Pure pleasure from fresh fruit and crisp vegetables – Voelkel smoothies delight the senses and taste great when chilled.

Voelkel Smoothies just enchant the senses, because it’s the content that counts. The carefully selected Demeter quality fruits produce a moment of delight to savour and provide you with an energy boost in the most delicious way when enjoyed slightly chilled. Whether it’s green vegetable or exotic fruit power, this little in-between snack not only tastes heavenly yummy, but is a real energy booster that’s also perfect as a kick-start first thing in the morning.

Green Smoothie Beetroot, Kale & Spinach

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Green Smoothie Mango, Ginger, Kale & Spinach

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Smoothie with grape juice, apple pulp and strawberry pulp

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Smoothie with Mango, Passion Fruit and Orange

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