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Pure Aloe Vera – 100% vegetable juice

This 100% pure press juice is obtained from choice, hand-peeled aloe vera leaves. Aloe vera, the empress of all medicinal plants. The legendary Egyptian queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra already treated regenerated their bodies with the help of the precious desert plant.

We obtain the leaves of this versatile plant from our Spanish cultivation partner Herfru . At David Hernández' farm building, the roofed annex provides the necessary protection and optimal growing conditions for the aloe vera plants. For many years, we have maintained good and lasting business connections with David Hernández, and together we have managed to convert his farm to bio-dynamic cultivation. This conversion to Demeter is another contribution to sustainable farming - cultivation in harmony with nature and with an eye on the protection of natural resources.
Zutaten: Aloe vera juice**
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