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Merlot Red Grape Juice

This pure grape juice is characterised by the mild and fruity, velvety flavour of Merlot grapes: Hand-picked, choice grapes are immediately and carefully pressed in the country of origin, Italy. Served in a red wine glass, this full-flavoured, delicious gour-met juice will fully come into its own.

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For many years now, we have enjoyed good relations with the family-owned business Polpuva in Italy. Run by Emidio Mercuri and his son Giovanni, this business has been producing grape juices from controlled organic cultivation for many years. One of Polpuva's suppliers is the bio-dynamic co-operation 'Olearia Wine Orsogna', also a long-term partner of Voelkel's. The carefully chosen grapes are hand-picked and pressed immediately after the harvest in the country of origin, Italy.
Ingrédients: red grape juice from Merlot grapes**
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Production / traitement: Pasteurised product

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