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Kombucha Sour Cherry-Mint

Tasty green tea, a harmonious composition of aromatic herbs plus a splash of organic juice from sour cherries and peppermint give this lightly effervescent fermented refreshment ist special flavour. Kombucha, which is said to nourish body, spirit, and soul, has been consumed and valued for two millennia and is now becoming more and more popular world-wide.
Ingrédients: fermented tea-herbal extract* 99,5% (natural mineral water, raw cane sugar*, green tea*, black tea*, mate leaves*, lime blossom*, lemon verbena*, cornflower blossoms*, lemon balm*, spearmint*, stinging nettle herb*, woodruff*, elderberry blossom*, rasperry leaves*, marigold blossoms*, blackberry leaves*, liquorice root*, kombucha culture), sour cherry juice* 3%, peppermint extract* 2,5% (natural mineral water, sugar*, peppermint*, lemon juice concentrate*), natural carbon dioxide
Contenu 0,33 l
Production / traitement: Pasteurized

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