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Juiced Water Orange Mango Maracuja

Only delicious organic juices and pure mineral constitute our Juiced Water, the new pure and fruity companion of our popular Infused Water. Choice aromatic juices give the three varieties Mango & Maracuja, Apple & Ginger as well as Black Currant an intense and typical taste - despite the high water content of 80 - 85%. The fact, that we dispense with artificial flavours, additives and carbonic acid, characterizes this low-calorie refreshment (especially in comparison with competing products) and appeals to a very broad and nutritionally conscious target group.
Zutaten: natural mineral water* 80%, orange juice* 11%, mango pulp* 4%, grape juice* 4%, maracuja juice* 1.5%
Inhalt 0,5 l
Verarbeitungshinweise: Produced in Germany Pasteurized product

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