Green Smoothie Beetroot, Kale & Spinach

The ingredients for this special recipe have been chosen carefully and in full harmony with nature. This green composition combines the intense taste of red beet with savoury kale and spinach.

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Green at heart – Voelkel's range of juices with spinach and kale combines high-quality ingredients and ecological thinking. 'Responsibility for mankind and nature' has been our motto right from the start: The name Voelkel stands for the traditional and competent production of fruit and vegetable juices in Demeter and bio-quality, the responsible use of natural resources as well as the fair partnership with our fruit and vegetable growers. The energy for our production is derived from renewable en-ergy sources, and we work completely without genetic engineering.
Ingrédients: apple juice** 52,5%, mango pulp** 17,5 %, beetroot juice**¹ 16 %, spinach** 8 %, kale** 6 %. ¹lactofermented
Contenu 0,25 l
Production / traitement: Pasteurised product

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