Boissons aux infusions de plantes

Fair Trade Ice Tea Matcha

Fair ice tea in Demeter quality, sweetened with raw cane sugar.

Informations complémentaires
In the remote area of Arroyos y Esteros (Brooks and Swamps) in Paraguay, the approx. 2.200 members of the Manduriva smallholder-co-operative live, our local cultivation partner for raw cane sugar. This co-operative has succesfully been working according to the principles of bio-farming since 1996 and has already converted a part of its acreage to bio-dynamic farming. Since 2013, it markets its own Demeter raw cane sugar – a minor revolution in the Paraguayan market, which is monopolized by private sugar mills. Due to the Demeter initiative, Manduvira has gained more than one hundred additional smallholders.
Ingrédients: Organic infusion of green tea 86 % (natural mineral water, green tea** 0,07%), apple juice**, raw cane sugar**, lime juice**, mango pulp**, lemon juice**, matcha* (ground green tea*) 0,3%.
Contenu 0,5 l
Production / traitement: Pasteurised product

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