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To take care of your body more attentively we recommend drinking a glass of Voelkel Care Plum every day because even just 200ml of this aromatic, velvety fruit drink contains the ingredients of 46g of sun-dried unsulphurated plums. Voelkel Care Plum is particularly gentle because it has no added lemon juice or sugar.

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The richness and diversity of nature has always inspired us in the traditional production of our natural organic juices. As a family business, we stand today in the 3rd and 4th generation of responsible treatment of humankind and nature. Particularly close to our hearts are long-term and fair trade relationships with our cultivation partners, buying our raw materials regionally whenever possible and future-oriented organic and Demeter agriculture. We have nothing to do with genetic engineering and use only renewable energy sources.
Ingrédients: water, dried prunes* 23,2%
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