BioZisch Rose flower

Bio Zisch Rose Blossom means delicate taste and pure refreshment. The especially pleasant aroma of the rose blossoms provides abundant taste in a natural way. To be enjoyed cold – in every season!

Informations complémentaires
BioZisch lemonades are the sparkling refreshment offered by Voelkel. In other words: BioZisch, too, meets our high demands on environmental sustainability – apart from being a light, young and delicious drink.
Ingrédients: natural mineral water, organic infusion of rose blossom 4,6% (natural mineral water, raw cane sugar*, rose blossom* 0,28%, lemon juice concentrate*), raw cane sugar* concentrated grape juice*, lemon juice concentrate*, aronia juice*, natural carbon dioxide.
Contenu 0,7 l
Production / traitement: Pasteurised product

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