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Apple-Pomegranate – 100% direct juice

The choice, fully ripe Demeter pomegranates are processed fresh-from-the-shrub and pressed in the traditional way. We combine the pomegranate juice with fine apple, precious elderberry and blueberry juice – a naturally delicious drink!

Informations complémentaires
The choice and fully ripe pomegranates are processed fresh-from-the-tree and pressed in the traditional way by our Turkish cultivation partner Göknur. We combine this pomegranate juice with fine apple juice as well as blueberry and elderberry juice before carefully bottling it. We regularly visit our cultivation partner to satisfy ourselves as to the quality of the raw materials.
Ingrédients: apple juice** 78 %, pomegranate juice** 18 %, blueberry juice*, elderberry juice*
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Production / traitement: Pasteurised product

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