Children's juice

Seven Dwarfs Juice for Children – Our Original 

20 years ago already, when we at Voelkel developed our 7 Dwarfs Juice for Children, we attached great importance to combining the juices of different crop types –  tree, bush or root – to create this tasty composition.

In line with holistic thinking, the duration of ripening,  the time of harvesting and the individual forms of growth of the carefully selected fruits and  carrots represent the natural biodiversity of our region. 

Our 7 Dwarfs Juices for Children OUR ORIGINAL and SUNNY FRUITS have especially been adapted to the needs and the taste of the growing up child. The natural sweetness of these juice specialties is exclusively the result of the fruits and carrots. The can be enjoyed pure or, mixed with natural mineral water, as a juice spritzer.

Children's juice


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