Vegetable juices

One of our vegetable juice specialities are the fresh-from-the-field vegetable juices in Demeter quality:  Immediately after harvest, we automatically and gently press  aromatic carrots, red beet tubers and spicy celery to 100% NFC juice, which we then instantly bottle. In this way, the original, full-bodied taste and the unique nutrient diversity of the vegetables are best preserved. 

We offer the largest part of our vegetable range in Demeter quality - the trademark for controlled bio-dynamic cultivation in harmony with nature. Entirely in keeping with this principle, vegetable varieties of true-to-seed types form the basis for our vegetable juices. These are varieties capable of propagation whose seeds can be sown again year after year. They  are in contrast to hybrid seeds that cannot reproduce and must consequently be newly purchased by farmers every year.

In addition, our range includes three vegetable juices  in Demeter quality. These are lacto-fermented  juices:  After the vegetables have freshly been pressed, we treat the juice with lactic acid bacteria. The ingredients ferment and the result is racemate, a mixture of laevorotatory and dextrorotatory L(+) lactic acid. In our ciders, the percentage of dextrorotatory acids is particularly high. These vegetable juices are easily digestible and can support the digestive system in a natural way. They do not contain any alcohol.

As a matter of course, fair trade is a part of the Voelkel purchasing policy. Consequently, the juices from field fresh vegetables as well as the lacto-fermented fruit juices and the sauerkraut juice have been awarded the BioFair seal of the BioFairVerein (BioFair Association).  Among other things, this seal stands for fair commodity prices, the use of regional raw materials, adequate wages and sustainable economic activity.

Vegetable juices


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