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fair to go – Grape Pomegranate – 100% direct juice

Fruity, slightly tangy and nevertheless pleasantly sweet: white grapes, apple pulp and pomegranates. For our delicious fair-to-go-juices we only use raw materials from organic or bio-dynamic farming. Apart from FairTrade-certified raw materials, we only use ingredients certified according to the regulations of the BioFair Verein (BioFair Association) for fair and regional trade. Long-term thinking, sustainable action and social commitment are united under our motto: Responsibility for Mankind and Nature.

The choice and fully ripe pomegranates are processed fresh-from-the-tree and pressed in the traditional way by our Turkish cultivation partner Göknur. For many years now, this company has cooperated with our family-owned business and has worked its land according to environmental principles, today even bio-dynamically - which suits Voelkel and is in line with 'fair to go'.

fair to go – Grape Pomegranate – 100% direct juice


Grape juice** 70%, pomegranate juice** 20%, apple pulp** 10%

**aus biodynamischem Anbau, *kontrolliert biologischer Anbau

Capacity: 0,25 l


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Pasteurised product

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