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Apple juice naturally cloudy – from meadow orchards

This naturally cloudy, delicious direct juice combines the diversity of apple varieties found in meadow orchards.

Natural paradise meadow orchards: They are a precious part of our cultural heritage as well as a valuable habitat for a varied community of animals and plants. Meadow orchard cultivation combines protection of nature with ecological land use. Fruit juice from meadow orchards stands for quality: The unique diversity of varieties in this kind of farming guarantees a harmonious combination of tastes, promotes the conservation of traditional fruit varieties and offers numerous insects, birds and small mammals an ideal habitat. Voelkel regards the careful and responsible handling of the elements water, air and soil as equally important as the value preserving processing of natural products.

Apple juice naturally cloudy – from meadow orchards


Apple juice **

**aus biodynamischem Anbau, *kontrolliert biologischer Anbau

Capacity: 1 l


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Pasteurised product

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