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Pineapple Juice – freshly pressed in the country of origin

Only fully ripe, aromatic pineapples are carefully pressed in the country of origin. This direct juice is environmentally friendly transported by sea and bottled in our facility; as this is a direct juice, it maintains its full flavour.

Corsicana, the cooperative in North-East Costa Rica, is one of our cultivation partners for bio-pineapples. On a cultivation area of 700 hectares, pineapples are grown under ideal climatic conditions; they are harvested when fully ripe and then processed into juice. Corsicana promotes the organic cultivavation of pineapples in Costa Rica and is, as such, a model of sustainable local production.

Pineapple Juice – freshly pressed in the country of origin


Pineapple Juice*

**aus biodynamischem Anbau, *kontrolliert biologischer Anbau

Capacity: 0,7 l


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Pasteurised product

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