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BioZisch Guarana Cola

BioZisch Guarana Cola from Voelkel owes its delicately aromatic taste to an extract of biologically cultivated herbs and spices. The natural caffeine of the bio-guarana provides the characteristic and stimulating effect of cola-drinks. The South American Indios already knew and appreciated the invigorating effect of the guarana plant. This inside tip from the Amazon supplies energy for body and mind lasting for many hours as the caffeine is only gradually released.

BioZisch lemonades are the sparkling refreshment offered by Voelkel. In other words: BioZisch, too, meets our high demands on environmental sustainability – apart from being a light, young and delicious drink.

BioZisch Guarana Cola


Natural mineral water, concentrated grape juice*, apple juice*, caramel*, herb ex-tract*, guarana extract*, natural carbon dioxide

*kontrolliert biologischer Anbau

Capacity: 0,33 l


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Pasteurised product



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