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Voelkel Care, Colon Wellbeing

Wellbeing starts in the belly. Rich in rye bran fibre, Voelkel Care Colon Wellbeing contributes to the care and development of healthy gut microbiota on a daily basis. Voelkel Care will provide you with much more than just a good feeling.

With its fibre-rich Voelkel Care Colon Wellbeing, Voelkel gives a natural answer to the rapidly growing concerns in our society: Wellbeing starts in the belly. One glass (200 ml) of Voelkel Care Colon Wellbeing with rye bran, potato juice, Jerusalem artichoke, turmeric and nutritious artichoke and dandelion juices covers 30 % of the daily fibre intake for adults according to the guidelines set by the German Society for Nutrition and contributes, especially with the rye bran, to the development and maintenance of healthy gut microbiota.
Zutaten: Apple juice*, potato juice* 8%, RYE BRAN 6%, Jerusalem artichoke juice concentrate* 5%, banana pulp*, curcuma juice* 2.5% (curcuma*, lemon juice from concentrate*), artichoke juice* 1%, dandelion juice* 1%, lemon juice*, beetroot juice*
allergenic ingredients: cereals containing gluten and cereal products
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