Vegetable Juices

Vegetable composition with lactofermented juices

A finely harmonised composition from gently pressed vegetable variants containing many important nutrients for your daily well-being. The lacto-fermented vegetables, seasoned with valuable herbal salt, are very easily digestible.

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Responsibility for Mankind and Nature has been the central idea of our family-owned company since 1936; long-term planning as well as economic activity with respect for mankind and nature have always been part of the Voelkel tradition. Leading the way, thinking outside the box and breaking new ground have been and will remain at the center of all operational decisions. For example, we support regional fruit farming in meadow orchards, in this way pro-tecting precious cultural heritage and habitat for a high diversity of animal and plant species. In addition, we lay great store by fair trade and long-term personal business relations with our fruit and vegetable farmers. The energy for our production is derived from renewable energy sources, and we work completely without genetic engineering.
Ingredients: tomato juice** 66%, carrot juice**¹ 13%, sauerkraut juice** ¹ 6%, beetroot juice**¹ 5 %, CELERY juice**¹ 4 %, cucumber juice**¹ 2%, red pepper pulp**, onion juice**¹, bean juice** ¹, dill juice** 0,3%, herbal sea salt* 0,2% (sea salt, Kräuter*). ¹lactofermented
allergenic ingredients: Celery and celery products
Content 0,7 l
Production / Processing: Pasteurised product

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