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Oat drink gluten free

- Gluten free and vegan - Unsweetened - the slight sweetness arises through natural fermentation - Of course in the reusable glass bottle

Mildly creamy and full of cereals: This is how the gluten-free Voelkel oat drink made from nutritious and high-fiber organic whole grain oats from local people taste Mills. The popular cereal milk drink causes lower CO2 emissions than cow's milk and makes especially in the glass bottle ecological sense. Because the loads the recycling system significantly less than one Beverage carton packaging and can be new up to 50 times be filled before they break the material cycle as glass breakage is fed again. The best choice - also for the unadulterated taste experience of ours Oat drinks. Naturally vegan and lactose free.
Zutaten: Natural mineral water, allergen free Full grain- OATS* 10%, sunflower oil*, Sea-salt
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