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Kombucha Passion Fruit & Hemp

Tasty green tea, a harmonious composition of aromatic herbs and a dash of organic passion fruit juice as well as hemp extract give this slightly carbonated, fermented refreshment its special spirit. Already appreciated in Asia for two millennia, the so-called Kombucha tea mushroom enjoys great popularity worldwide today and is said to nourish body, mind and soul.

low calorie
Zutaten: Tea and herb extracts* 90% (natural mineral water, green tea*, black tea*, mate leaves*, lime blossom*, lemon verbena*, cornflower blossom*, lemon balm*, nana mint*, stinging nettle herb*, woodruff*, elderflower*, raspberry leaves*, cornflower blossoms*, blackberry leaves*, liquorice root*), passion fruit juice* 3%, hemp extract* 3% (natural mineral water, hemp*, lemon juice*), raw cane sugar*, lemon juice*, Kombucha culture, natural carbon dioxide
Inhalt 0,33 Liter
Verarbeitungshinweise: pasteurized

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