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Hemp Smoothie

Proteins contribute towards increasing muscle mass and the maintenance of normal bones. A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for your wellbeing.

Hemp Smoothie. According to our guiding principle "responsibility for humankind and nature" the preservation and protection of the natural basis of life is an essential factor in all of Voelkel's product developments. Thanks to long-standing partnerships with farmers in the region due to being an organic pioneer, Voelkel has become increasingly more successful in sourcing raw materials for Voelkel products in the immediate vicinity, thereby shortening transport distances. The THC- and CBD-free plants for the new hemp smoothie with soy drink, banana and hemp protein, for example, come from the local area around the Voelkel factory in Wendland. The local and consequently resource-friendly sourced vegetable protein of the hemp plant contributes to an increase in muscle mass and to the maintenance of normal bones. One great benefit of this is that it makes an ideal supplement to a vegan diet.
Zutaten: SOY DRINK* 29%, apple juice*, banana pulp*, hemp extract* 10% (natural mineral water, hemp*, lemon juice*), lime juice*, hemp protein* 2%, acerola pulp*
allergenic ingredients: soybeans and soyproducts
Inhalt 0,25 Liter

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