Green Smoothie Mango, Ginger, Kale & Spinach

The ingredients for this special recipe have been chosen carefully and in full harmony with nature. This green composition combines the fruity taste of sun-ripened mangoes with the natural pungency of the ginger root plus savoury kale and spinach.

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Green at heart – Voelkel's range of juices with spinach and kale combines high-quality ingredients and ecological thinking. 'Responsibility for mankind and nature' has been our motto right from the start: The name Voelkel stands for the traditional and competent production of fruit and vegetable juices in Demeter and bio-quality, the responsible use of natural resources as well as the fair partnership with our fruit and vegetable growers. The energy for our production is derived from renewable en-ergy sources, and we work completely without genetic engineering.
Ingredients: apple juice** 51 %, mango pulp** 15%, banana pulp*, kale** 8%, acerola pulp*, spinach** 5 %, ginger juice** 3 % (ginger**, lemon juice**).
Content 0,25 l
Production / Processing: Pasteurised product

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