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Fair Iced Tea Peach Lemon

Fair ice tea in Demeter quality, sweetened with raw cane sugar.

In the remote area of Arroyos y Esteros (Brooks and Swamps) in Paraguay, the approx. 2.200 members of the Manduriva smallholder-co-operative live, our local cul-tivation partner for raw cane sugar. This co-operative has succesfully been working according to the principles of bio-farming since 1996 and has already converted a part of its acreage to bio-dynamic farming. Since 2013, it markets its own Demeter raw cane sugar – a minor revolution in the Paraguayan market, which is monopo-lized by private sugar mills. Due to the Demeter initiative, Manduvira has gained more than one hundred additional smallholders. The independent FairTSA seal (Fair Trade and Sustainability Alliance) makes sure that international standards for fair trade are observed. When buying a FairTSA-product, you make a contribution to the improvement of the living and working conditions of smallholders, workers on farms and in processing facilities of the producer countries as well as to the promotion of environmental protection. For additional information, please go to:
Zutaten: Infusion of hibiscus** and black tea** 82% (natural mineral water, hibiscus flowers**, black tea**), peach pulp** 12%, raw cane sugar** 3.5%, lemon juice** 2.5%.
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Verarbeitungshinweise: Pasteurised product

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