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BioZisch Syrup Natural Orange

Mix your own Zisch! BioZisch Syrup is a fabulous innovation that means you can make your own lemonade! With any of the three BioZisch Syrup varieties (Raspberry Cassis, Natural Orange and Naturally Cloudy Lemon) by mixing 1:9 with freshly bubbled tap water or sparkling mineral water, you can conjure up a refreshing BioZisch lemonade anywhere and anytime you like.

Those in the know with BioZisch Syrup reckon that before long every third German household will have a fizzy water maker. The advantages are obvious: saving money, carrying fewer bottles and avoiding plastic. The lower weight compared to conventional beverage crates also saves on C02 during transport. In addition, there is now the increasingly important possibility of individual customisations such as using less sugar. Voelkel starts its new BioZisch range with the particularly popular varieties BioZisch Naturally Cloudy Lemon, Natural Orange and Raspberry Cassis.
Zutaten: Beet sugar*, orange juice* 34 %, orange pulp* 10 %, lemon juice concentrate*, orange juice concentrate*, orange oil*
Inhalt 0,33 Liter
Verarbeitungshinweise: Pasteurised product

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