BioZisch Nature Energy

Power in the bottle: For all those who want a natural energy boost, there now is BioZisch with enhanced caffeine content. The special mixture of herbs, mate and guarana provides energy for your day ahead. The stimulating impact of the natural guarana caffeine only becomes effective by degrees – in contrast to the caffeine contained in coffee beans.

BioZisch lemonades are the sparkling refreshment offered by Voelkel. In other words: BioZisch, too, meets our high demands on environmental sustainability – apart from being a light, young and delicious drink.
Zutaten: Natural mineral water, concentrated grape juice*, ginger extract* (natural mineral wa-ter, ginger*), grape juice*, lemon juice*, lime-herbs extract* (natural mineral water, lime*, cocoa peel*, lemon gras*, rosemary*, verbena*, eucalyptus*, nettle*, worm-wood*, lemon myrtle*), raw cane sugar*, acerola cherry pulp*, orange juice*, guarana extract*, natural carbon dioxide
Inhalt 0,33 l
Verarbeitungshinweise: Pasteurised product

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