BioZisch light Naturally Cloudy Lemon

Take away your thirst lightly and refresh yourself with a full taste but a lot less calories. BioZisch light with its deliciously fruity juice from sun-ripened lemons does not need any more sugar … and neither do you, by the way. Be kind to yourself and try BioZisch light with 30% less sugar* - also available in Blood Orange and Raspberry Cassis varieties.

other information
Low calorie, but otherwise just like the originally formulated recipe, containing 30% less sugar it tastes particularly refreshing.
Ingredients: natural mineral water, Zitronenauszug* (natural mineral water, Zitronen*), lemon juice* 3,5%, beet sugar*, lemon pulp* 1,5%, concentrated grape juice*, natural carbon dioxide.
Content 0,5 l

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