BioZisch Hemp

BioZisch Hemp. Our regional cultivation partner for hemp in Lindenberg near Seehausen in the Altmark is really happy with us because we don’t put his fresh plants into a bag. Instead they go freshly pressed directly into bottles at our juice factory. BioZisch Hemp naturally has no THC in it but tastes pleasantly grassy and can still make you feel really happy!

This is the sparkling refreshing Voelkel BioZisch Hemp lemonade and BioZisch has high targets for ecology and sustainability. BioZisch stands for an attitude towards life with a strong personal opinion and understanding of how to make our world as sustainable as possible, today, tomorrow and in the long term.
Zutaten: Natural mineral water, hemp extract* 15% (natural mineral water, hemp*, lemon juice concentrate*), lemon extract* (natural mineral water, lemons*), raw cane sugar*, concentrated grape juice*, lemon juice concentrate*, natural carbon dioxide
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