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BioC Immune Strengthener

Vegan and gluten-free, although unsweetened, its delicious light sweetness is generated by the natural fermentation. In returnable glass bottles of course!

Mild, creamy and full of grain: that's the taste of the gluten-free Voelkel Oat Drink made from nutritious and fibre-rich organic whole grain oats from local mills. This extremely popular cereal milk drink has a significantly lower carbon footprint than any animal milk product and the glass bottle makes better ecological sense since it makes considerably less demand on recycling systems than carton-packaged beverages. Each bottle can be refilled up to fifty times before it is fed back into the material recycling system as broken glass. It’s also the best choice for preserving the natural taste of our oat drink. Naturally vegan and lactose free.
Zutaten: Natural mineral water, whole grain oats*1) 10%, sunflower oil*, sea salt.
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