Bio Zisch Mate

The original inhabitants of South America already appreciated the invigorating effect of the mate leaves. Mate, also called the 'green gold of the Indians', is today the most popular drink in South America. Voelkel combines an extract of mate leaves with the natural sweetness of agaves, refreshing lemon juice and valuable acerola cherry pulp, caramel and natural caffeine for this stimulating BioZisch Mate with increased content of caffeine (20mg/100ml).

BioZisch lemonades are the sparkling refreshment offered by Voelkel. In other words: BioZisch, too, meets our high demands on environmental sustainability – apart from being a light, young and delicious drink.
Zutaten: Infusion of mate* (natural mineral water, mate leaves*), agave thick juice*, lemon juice*, acerola cherry pulp*, caramel*, natural carbon dioxide, natural caffeine*
Inhalt 0,33 l
Verarbeitungshinweise: Pasteurised product

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