FairBio e.V.

Organic & fair from our region

It goes without saying that fair trade is an integral part of Voelkel’s purchasing policy. In order to support fair trade within our region and in Germany as a whole, Voelkel has become a member of the BioFair Association. This initiative promotes quality, transparency, regionality and sustainability along the whole value-added chain. BioFair offers decision-making tools for the purchase departmant and explains the values and methods of organic farming: The organic market, too, has become more and more anonymous due to its rapid growth.  Companies with the BioFair seal on their products work according to the standards of approved organic farming associations such as Bioland  or Demeter whose guidelines are stricter than EU regulations.

As, on the other hand, neither the EU nor the farming associations have laid down fairness criteria, BioFair has developed a special set of fair trade rules. Once a year, an independent inspection body checks whether these rules are complied with: sustainable economic activities of the member companies, usage of predominantly regional raw materials, fair prices for farmers and producers as well as appropriate wages and salaries. Only companies meeting these criteria are granted the BioFair seal; in addition, there is a BioFair quality commission which ultimately decides  whether the seal is awarded.

As a first step, Voelkel has already had a large part of its vegetable juices certified: Our juices from fresh-from-the-field vegetables, the lactofermented juices as well as the sauerkraut juice have already received the BioFair seal. Voelkel’s Home Juices and many seasonal products have also been certified by BioFair.

Please find further information at  www.biofairverein.de