Natural food can do more than ‘Bio’

This is the slogan of the BNN, the Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren (Federal Association Natural Food and Natural Products). Traditionally, the natural food and natural products industry stands for social responsibility, trust, regional economic cycles, product quality as well as the protection of health and environment as the basis of economic activity. Many organic companies were originally established because the founders wanted to bring about social changes.

Today, the BNN contributes to legislation on a national and international level, for example, the regulations of the German Ökolandbaugesetz (organic farming law) or the European Regulation on Organic Agriculture. In addition, the asscociation issues quality regulations für the natural food trade. The Monitoring System for Fruit and Vegetables in the Organic Food Trade aims at revealing and removing weaknesses in quality control.

The principles and guidelines of the BNN have been laid down in the common code of all members. Voelkel follows these guidelines and recommendations and will continue to participate at their further development.

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